Guide + Titicaca Lake Puno

Offer tourist transport service transfer to Puno, Puno City is at a distance of approx. 387 km from the city of Cusco the tour bus is about 8 hours, the staff of our company and vehicles are available according to your needs and tour programs, day, night; time, you choose, with punctuality and professionalism that characterizes us will be glad to make your trip enjoyable this charming tourist destination. In recent years, Puno has become an alternative point of entry into Peru, especially for tourists.

Puno City:

Puno region is dominated by Lake Titicaca, sacred place of the Incas and home to natural and artificial islands. Among the many destinations, there are pre-Hispanic archaeological sites with circular constructions that still go by their original name of “chullpas”. Puno’s churches are characterized by their distinctive colonial architecture. Its inhabitants are proud of their Quechua and Aymara past, and their folkloric tradition that can be seen every year in the form of dances and rituals during the Candelaria festival. Puno is a legend, a multicolored festival, and home to natural and artificial islands.

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